Peace, Love & Bubblegum

There is just something about being awake in the middle of the night and just pushing into God’s presence. Last night, I just wasn’t able to fall asleep, too much was going on in my head. I sat on my bed and tried hard but nothing. Don’t we just hate insomnia. You lie in bed and you start thinking. Tick tock. Thinking more. Tick tock until the sun rises. If there is anything I hate more than insomnia, its probably the stressful thoughts that come with it.

Last night was different, I got out of bed and started to seek God. I knew I needed Him because the weight of my thoughts would be too great for me to carry alone. So much has been happening, both good and not so good. I laid my thoughts at His feet and there was an amazing peacefulness in the room. Like He had…

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