Behold those symmetrical series of knights! They protect; they beautify and of course, they endure a lot. Don’t they get hurt? Don’t we hurt them? We do. But still the chivalry never abandons them. Have you ever tried to figure the pain of their fatal misplacement, while making them flight to the Omnipotent with the backpack of your wishes?

Yes, they are the eye lashes. Wonder striking, indeed, how skillfully this ‘black barriers’ protect their prepossessing fiancée from the salty flow of hot Summer’s day and yet they are the first one to get wet with their darling’s another salty flow, the emotional one. Since ages have been appointed them as the postman of our wish list to the Almighty while artificially expanding them with artificial cosmetic products just, simply just to be ornamented with mere some earthly praise and flattery. They are the most underrated, nothing but ‘a safeguard of our most delicate and fancy organ’ to us but I suppose, how many of us have that brave heart to visualize the most ‘romantic’ organ without its ‘safeguard’?
But, our injustice could never overpower their sense of responsibility and will never can do so too. As, forever and always, Who does, does not need any spokesman.