Guys, you must turn your fight partner’s nose into dust if he/she dares to put a leg on you. But believe me or not, I enjoy it a lot. Confused, aren’t you? Ok, let me clear out all of your confusions. Everyone’s life of us is enriched with the footsteps of many people having various experiences associated with them. Each and every spare of my life is literally full of your footsteps-honestly both on my body and soul.
Are you now really tired of guessing who I am? I am Howrah Bridge, that very cantilever bridge with a suspended span over the Hooghly River in West Bengal, India. Yes, your guess is again on the very right track, I indeed am that historic bridge renamed Rabindra Setu on 14th of June, 1965 posing a glorious part of Rabindranath Tagore’s Asian Nobel Laureate being the first Indian accomplishing this distinction. Again I am that familiar a bridge to all of you for making your journey to your beloved ones or to a place of official commitment smoother, safer and snug. I have already spent 72 years of my life with a continuous afford of providing all of you more privilege but hardly I had become a topic of consideration to any of you. So today I am kind of determined to venture myself as a topic of you for your next journey with your friends.
I am one of two bridges of the Hooghly River and a famous symbol of Kolkata as well as West Bengal. I easily hold the crown of being the busiest cantilever bridge in the world carrying a daily traffic of approximately 100000 vehicles and possibly more than 150000 pedestrians. Not only this but also the record of being the third longest cantilever bridge at the time of my construction is being carried eminently after my name.
I had been constructed with a very advanced technology of that time named “suspension type balanced cantilever”. I can still remember that my construction was being directed by three engineer uncles named Rendell, Palmer, and Tritton. Those days though may sound very nostalgic, was inhumane painful to me when 26500 tons of still supplied mostly by Tata Still were being posted and melted on me by the technique of riveting the still and this process continued for almost 6years to drag it to completion. Though rest of the world thinks that the decision of constructing my body without any bolts and nuts was to set up a world-class example of architecture in the midst of the eastern world, I personally think that it was mostly to bring my pain to minimization. What’s your opinion, my secret sharer? But to my surprise, all of my pain almost instantly vanished when I had been opened for the first time for the public to provide my friends a reliable support to launch them to their destination quicker.
Now a day you often make your way to multiplex with your friends to spend a quality time with actors and actresses of your choice. Now, would you really mind if I call myself an actress of Indian Film Industry too? Wait wait; let me explain first before starting to curse on me. I have been shown in numerous films such as Bimal Roy’s “Do Bigha Zamin’(1953), Ritwik Ghatak’s “Bari Theke Palia”(1958), Satyajit Roy’s “Parash Pathar” in the same year, Mranal Sen’s 1972 National Award winning Bengali film “Calcutta 71”, Sen’s trilogy its sequel in 1973 and so on.
From my very birth, being a child myself I used to devote myself in your service. But have you ever thought about what you have done with me? If I am not extremely wrong, your answer is coming in a negative tone. You, my friends, my way-mates split upon me here and there before even giving a single thought over my health and beauty. It ravages my health by chemically reacting with still. You yourself are bruiting the beauty of that pride of which you have made publication in many of your silver screen to flourish tour vanity upon me.
A stack of memories are now getting up from their slumber to be allocated with my readers and I just help but sharing one or two of those with my secret sharer. Once a vagrant climbed upon me instantaneously and much uproar was raised by the mob. Police were informed and they came in no time. With every pedestrian, my heart was also beating harder by presuming that what would happen if the man got a fall from there. Anyway, the man was safely rescued thereafter. I was much shocked when I witnessed a painful experience on my chest. It was a matter of triangle love with a sorrowful end. I noticed some teenagers waiting in the middle of my body anxiously. The time though can’t be recalled with exact accuracy was about 3a.m. My somnolence broke with the voice of a teenage boy coming forward asking, “Why have you called me here in so late at night?” The answer came, “I have something to settle with you.” Afterward with a poignant imitation of latest Bollywood movies they punched the boy brutally and flung him into the river Ganges from the middle of my body by saying, “Go and meet with Pamela there.” I became speechless.
Oops, I have got so involved in gossiping with you that may hamper normal transport system rather. Can you see a massive traffic is posing a threat to me now? So I anticipate that I have to take a break from the showering of recollection now. After all bringing back your friend to his out of harm’s way is not a responsibility to be done with your left hand, isn’t it?

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