Honourable Chief Justice,

The Supreme Court of Mankind,


This letter is hereby to raise my concern regarding the illegal charge of mischief making put upon my brother. My brother, Mr. Demon Winston has been accused of inauspicious activities by The Honourable Supreme Court of Humanity. But, here is my agitation that my brother, Mr. Demon has been captivated with such an accusation where any eyewitness is not found. No human being from the appellants has not seen him committing any mischief. Further, a brain-knit story has been placed by the public prosecutor stating that I have been restraining my brother since beginning from his perversive works; also this time without any eyewitness while some of the people from the justice-beggar mankind group have  played the role of both mine and my brother’s in reality.

I have heard that a proverb goes in your honourable Court of Humanity, “Nobody is a born criminal, society makes him so.” I sincerely request you, My Lord, not to turn my brother to that too. I want my brother back as the way he was while coming to your world of humanity.

                               -Yours sincerely,

                                   Angle Winston

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