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Question of the day!

If I’m the protagonist of my own life; should I consider myself to be the antagonist of the same as well?


I want justice

Honourable Chief Justice,

The Supreme Court of Mankind,


This letter is hereby to raise my concern regarding the illegal charge of mischief making put upon my brother. My brother, Mr. Demon Winston has been accused of inauspicious activities by The Honourable Supreme Court of Humanity. But, here is my agitation that my brother, Mr. Demon has been captivated with such an accusation where any eyewitness is not found. No human being from the appellants has not seen him committing any mischief. Further, a brain-knit story has been placed by the public prosecutor stating that I have been restraining my brother since beginning from his perversive works; also this time without any eyewitness while some of the people from the justice-beggar mankind group have  played the role of both mine and my brother’s in reality.

I have heard that a proverb goes in your honourable Court of Humanity, “Nobody is a born criminal, society makes him so.” I sincerely request you, My Lord, not to turn my brother to that too. I want my brother back as the way he was while coming to your world of humanity.

                               -Yours sincerely,

                                   Angle Winston

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4 Tips to be Happy in a Job you despise


‘Occupation’, with its origin from the Latin word ‘occupare’ which shares the same meaning with ‘occupy’, means in a broad sense a field of work which we choose to serve in order to meet our monetary need. Though the word ‘occupy’ has no direct connection with one’s passion, still nothing can be better if our domain of work lies in accordance with our field of interest. But, even it’s not like so, even if at every morning when you get ready for office, you earnestly pray to the night to come back again, there are multiple ways to sustain in your job happily. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • Try to find out the drawbacks which lay within you before finding it within others. Try to be a better employee, a better friend as well: When you are not comfortable at your workplace, there may be multiple reasons behind it like your lack of confidence in that particular field of work, being at variance with your colleagues and so on. It is obviously not that whenever you face a disagreement with your colleagues, the fault is every time yours but there is a chance that you may need some more time to get accustomed to the new culture and working procedure. Under this circumstance, I’ll suggest you, sit for a Q & A session with yourself and try to find out the lacks within you. Maintain a healthy relation with your seniors, offer help to your colleagues and above all try to be one of them and still it does not work, then let’s proceed to the next step.
  • Stay positive, keep your sense of humour up and hope for the best. A calm and chilled mind can enrich your patience level: Irrespective of what the cause is when the things are not going as expected at your workplace, just try to stay positive and full of humour as far as you can. Because several studies have found that being psychologically positive can influence your career in a couple of ways. It will provide you to cope up with the situation a much better as well as your positive attitude will influence the people around you too. According to a recent study, positive thinking and sense of humour can boost up a person’s problem-solving ability up to 55% and who knows maybe it is the way which will tell you how to love your job.
  • Positively DO NOT compare your current job with your former one or someone else’s. Instead, try to focus on the other things of life. Comparing your current job with your previous one’s or with that of someone else’s is going to make you nothing more than defocused: While you are not content with your present job, then while comparing with other jobs, it is quite natural to take only the negative points of this current job at consideration. Always keep in mind that every piece of thing in this universe has its bright as well as flip sides. Your present job is also no exceptions. Thus, instead of pointing the flip sides, try to use its advantages as your inspiration. Besides, without wasting most of the time of your day about this concern, change your mind by focusing on other things of your life like your family, friends, and hobbies. That will keep you relaxed.
  • Have faith in prayer, music therapy and take a break: believe me or not, a sincere prayer can soothe your mind and body to a great extent. Another great way of relaxing is taking a music therapy: Just take out your earphones from your bag and listen to your favourite symphony for 10 minutes and get amazed with the difference when you will be back to your work. If all of the strategies go in vain, just place a leave application and take a short leave from your monotonous life. Sometimes, to stop can be the best solution to start again.

You loved your previous job, maybe you don’t like it that much, may it be too that the next job is going to be the best job offer you can ever get in your life. But just think of once, if every kind of job would be the exact same, life would be so boring. And you are the adventurous person who wants to have the taste of every cup of tea, aren’t you? Moreover, life is something much vaster than your present job. So, just pack your backpack and start for a tour with your family or friends. The rest of the things are certainly going to be fine with time, buddy.

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Digital Marketing

  1. kol1

    What is the future of digital marketing?

Even before a couple of ages, the field of Information Technology was a reserved sector for exceptionally blessed students. The pay was as well much higher than almost every another sector of any contemporary employment market. But in pretty recent time, as a result of mixed influence of going down the prices of essential and luxury commodities in the global market, saturation of demand of staffs in the field of Information Technology, diversion and acceding competition with other latest new sprung sectors etc, the future and growth of Information Technology is at question. Just like Information Technology, another contemporary sector of the global business market is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a flourishing sector with the help of which the companies run the marketing of their products or services over the internet. Now, after the down growth of IT sector, let try to assume the prospect and future of the Digital Marketing sector.


– There was a time when our grandparents used to look with awe to the television set. But, with the help of tremendous progress and inventions, the field of Digital Technology and Marketing has gone to places in last to decades. Now, the question is, how long this industry will be able to keep the flame of its glory up and what is going to be the future of this industry.

In order to search an answer of this question, first and foremost I would like to mention that the more the civilisation is improving; the various kinds of digital gadgets are being launched. Besides Television or a Radio, now we have android phones, iPads and thousand types of other digital gadgets. Moreover, a day, rather mere few hours with internet connectivity makes us feel isolated from the entire world. So, it is needless to say, in this realm of electronics and digital gadgets there will sustain an ever increasing market and viewers both in the field of Digital Marketing.

Secondly, if we put a glance on the social networking sites, we can vividly spot its increasing users and the increasing craze for the virtual world within its users to. Therefore, any game especially customised to one company or brand will certainly captive the user to the virtual world more and at the same time layering an impact of that particular brand upon his/her mind subconsciously.

There are numerous fields left unuttered those can be excellent mediums for digital marketing. In a nutshell, we may conclude that the ever increasing importance and uses of digital gadgets and internet service in the modern era are beyond question and the scope of Digital Marketing will also go higher and higher with this trend.



He was too illiterate to read her mind since those childhood’s hide and seek afternoons… Just a single marriage invitation card of her made him instantly realise the importance of literacy…


Just clean the mirror to get the clear view.

Trust me, there is enough light already in the room.

The Heroes


Behold those symmetrical series of knights! They protect; they beautify and of course, they endure a lot. Don’t they get hurt? Don’t we hurt them? We do. But still the chivalry never abandons them. Have you ever tried to figure the pain of their fatal misplacement, while making them flight to the Omnipotent with the backpack of your wishes?

Yes, they are the eye lashes. Wonder striking, indeed, how skillfully this ‘black barriers’ protect their prepossessing fiancée from the salty flow of hot Summer’s day and yet they are the first one to get wet with their darling’s another salty flow, the emotional one. Since ages have been appointed them as the postman of our wish list to the Almighty while artificially expanding them with artificial cosmetic products just, simply just to be ornamented with mere some earthly praise and flattery. They are the most underrated, nothing but ‘a safeguard of our most delicate and fancy organ’ to us but I suppose, how many of us have that brave heart to visualize the most ‘romantic’ organ without its ‘safeguard’?
But, our injustice could never overpower their sense of responsibility and will never can do so too. As, forever and always, Who does, does not need any spokesman.


Butterfly and Robot would have accommodated smoothly but the problem arose when human being tried to invent Robotic Butterfly…

…and few things left upon your imagination


Yeah, I’m pessimist, buddy…

What to do…

Black is damn sexy, you know! 😉

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