Expand your hand to touch mine…




what’s the similarity between love and WordPress following????






both start with one’s self…



Love is, at midnight, when you open duo windows in your lappy, a pornography webpage and a picture of your soulmate and your eyes go more time on the picture than the erotic webpage…

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Pain- we dramatize you to produce a best-seller; we romanticize you to melt our lady-love’s heart; we exaggerate you to gain sympathy. Someone left us, we left someone. Some kept their promises; some of the latter we broke. Someday some city-mate Romeo wrote a poem on you to impress me but my costlier heart was not on reduction sale up to his half-a-dollar gift. But, while this trade, we both forgot to ask you for the copyright, my dear Pain. We, we all that day forgot and forget to thank you for building us stronger. The roller-coaster keeps swirling, at the ground, you were always to purify us, at the sky, you juxtapose- ‘how happy we are now’; among all, you were the only constant- sometimes as mere retrospect while sometimes my guide. But our lives are too enriched with your different forms to thank you once. Thank you pain, for being with me.

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Necessary unnecessity

depositphotos_8523313-I-love-you-hand-lettering“Why should I tell her that?”
“Doesn’t she know how much I love her?”
“Isn’t my whole day’s endeavor to keep him happy enough to speak for the unspoken rest?”
Yah, indeed you need to tell her how pure your love is for her… Yah, too he has a perfect right to hear once again how much of the heart does he own of yours … Haven’t you ever feel it enough important to give the medicine to your beloved one in time as you have brought it from the medical store without any delay? No, nah? Then why this procrastination for this panacea, buddy? We often just skip mentioning to our beloved that we love them putting the obviousness of the fact at blame. But, let’s think once, after a nasty tiring day, when you place your dearest one’s head in your lap, then even this most obvious fact between you people can work as an elixir. Because ‘I love you’ is not always a statement, sometimes it’s a medicine too which gives your beloved enough grain of faith, love and courage to win the struggle of tomorrow…

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I see you in every flower which blooms around me, I see you in every crepuscular returning bird… But, I know, you are neither the flowers nor the birds…
Because you are the feeling which has taught me to love those flowers and those birds…



He was too illiterate to read her mind since those childhood’s hide and seek afternoons… Just a single marriage invitation card of her made him instantly realise the importance of literacy…

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