Expand your hand to touch mine…



Which one?

Tell me guys, which one is more painful…

When you want to live but you have to die…


When you want to die but you have to live…

behind the pen About me, rather about the impressions of the society upon me with which I’m composed of…


Stage craft

The toughest role is acting as one’s own self…

Women’s Day

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the day we will be true worthy of celebrating Women’s Day,

that day we will not need be in need of celebrating Women’s Day

This is the pen behind these words: About me, rather about the impressions of the society upon me with which I’m composed of…


what’s the similarity between love and WordPress following????






both start with one’s self…


The most self-deceptive sentence is, “This is for the last time”…


The toughest self-realisation is, “if you don’t go for it, the previous one is ready to be the ‘last time’ “…


Love is, at midnight, when you open duo windows in your lappy, a pornography webpage and a picture of your soulmate and your eyes go more time on the picture than the erotic webpage…

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You write thesis on ‘Beauty’, I observe the neck & neck competition of the neighboring ‘Fairness Clinic’ for the Eastern and ‘Tan Parlour’ for the Western…

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Pain- we dramatize you to produce a best-seller; we romanticize you to melt our lady-love’s heart; we exaggerate you to gain sympathy. Someone left us, we left someone. Some kept their promises; some of the latter we broke. Someday some city-mate Romeo wrote a poem on you to impress me but my costlier heart was not on reduction sale up to his half-a-dollar gift. But, while this trade, we both forgot to ask you for the copyright, my dear Pain. We, we all that day forgot and forget to thank you for building us stronger. The roller-coaster keeps swirling, at the ground, you were always to purify us, at the sky, you juxtapose- ‘how happy we are now’; among all, you were the only constant- sometimes as mere retrospect while sometimes my guide. But our lives are too enriched with your different forms to thank you once. Thank you pain, for being with me.

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4 Tips to be Happy in a Job you despise


‘Occupation’, with its origin from the Latin word ‘occupare’ which shares the same meaning with ‘occupy’, means in a broad sense a field of work which we choose to serve in order to meet our monetary need. Though the word ‘occupy’ has no direct connection with one’s passion, still nothing can be better if our domain of work lies in accordance with our field of interest. But, even it’s not like so, even if at every morning when you get ready for office, you earnestly pray to the night to come back again, there are multiple ways to sustain in your job happily. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • Try to find out the drawbacks which lay within you before finding it within others. Try to be a better employee, a better friend as well: When you are not comfortable at your workplace, there may be multiple reasons behind it like your lack of confidence in that particular field of work, being at variance with your colleagues and so on. It is obviously not that whenever you face a disagreement with your colleagues, the fault is every time yours but there is a chance that you may need some more time to get accustomed to the new culture and working procedure. Under this circumstance, I’ll suggest you, sit for a Q & A session with yourself and try to find out the lacks within you. Maintain a healthy relation with your seniors, offer help to your colleagues and above all try to be one of them and still it does not work, then let’s proceed to the next step.
  • Stay positive, keep your sense of humour up and hope for the best. A calm and chilled mind can enrich your patience level: Irrespective of what the cause is when the things are not going as expected at your workplace, just try to stay positive and full of humour as far as you can. Because several studies have found that being psychologically positive can influence your career in a couple of ways. It will provide you to cope up with the situation a much better as well as your positive attitude will influence the people around you too. According to a recent study, positive thinking and sense of humour can boost up a person’s problem-solving ability up to 55% and who knows maybe it is the way which will tell you how to love your job.
  • Positively DO NOT compare your current job with your former one or someone else’s. Instead, try to focus on the other things of life. Comparing your current job with your previous one’s or with that of someone else’s is going to make you nothing more than defocused: While you are not content with your present job, then while comparing with other jobs, it is quite natural to take only the negative points of this current job at consideration. Always keep in mind that every piece of thing in this universe has its bright as well as flip sides. Your present job is also no exceptions. Thus, instead of pointing the flip sides, try to use its advantages as your inspiration. Besides, without wasting most of the time of your day about this concern, change your mind by focusing on other things of your life like your family, friends, and hobbies. That will keep you relaxed.
  • Have faith in prayer, music therapy and take a break: believe me or not, a sincere prayer can soothe your mind and body to a great extent. Another great way of relaxing is taking a music therapy: Just take out your earphones from your bag and listen to your favourite symphony for 10 minutes and get amazed with the difference when you will be back to your work. If all of the strategies go in vain, just place a leave application and take a short leave from your monotonous life. Sometimes, to stop can be the best solution to start again.

You loved your previous job, maybe you don’t like it that much, may it be too that the next job is going to be the best job offer you can ever get in your life. But just think of once, if every kind of job would be the exact same, life would be so boring. And you are the adventurous person who wants to have the taste of every cup of tea, aren’t you? Moreover, life is something much vaster than your present job. So, just pack your backpack and start for a tour with your family or friends. The rest of the things are certainly going to be fine with time, buddy.

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