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10 things guys should know about dating

Scene 1

And then, with tizzy nerve, finally Adam peeped out of the large log from where the visible quarter part of Eve’s face could be compared to melting gold in the shop of some Jeweller. Few moments passed with suitable soothing background symphony and clinks of Eve’s bangles and suspense-breaking coughing of Adam and the start for the booked-since-15-days-earlier restaurant.

Scene 2

The restaurant was everything to call it a perfect extortionate one. Sketching what would be the best fitting introductory words to start the conversation, Adam took his seat forgetting to drag the chair for Eve and the blunder had been done!

Whether the mankind was destined to be born or not, my indigenous brain was about to cook that too if my mum would not have intended to stretch my ear like a rubber and hasn’t asked me whether my sleep was sufficient or not.

I was awake from sleep but since then, the importance of proper knowledge about dating has started striking me and that’s why I’m here to share the evergreen Do’s and Don’ts which guys should know about dating.


  • Compliment her

Always loving by the core of your heart needs some getup too. Express in words what you are feeling about her and compliment your lady love. This works in a couple of ways. Firstly, the blarney words will psychologically bend her towards you and the treasuring from her partner will strengthen her to fight the struggle of tomorrow.

  • Gift according to her likings.

Your gift can speak for you and let it do so! Starting a new relationship can be a perfect occasion to hand over the gift you always wanted to gift her. This will work as a memento of your pure affection instead of the bracer of a price tag. But, an improper gift that does not go with her choice will not only be wastage of money but also will signify your least interest upon your partner’s preferences. So, revise once her preferences before buying any present.

  • Be in time.

I know, as soon as you have read the subhead, you have thought, “Was it necessary to include this obvious basic thing?” Not I, but the research said that most of the people on minimum 35% of the time have been late in reaching to their date venue. So, positively be in time, which act of yours will stand for your sincerity towards your relationship.

  • Be proportionate.

Most likely, almost all of the guys on a date either stops his partner and starts describing his reaction on the first day of school to the last place he visited or, swear to be a too, just too much of a good listener. Share the story of your life and let her share hers in a proportionate way and see how crazily she enjoys the hours with you.

  • Keep it organised and simple

Women love grandeur but with the appropriate context. A simple yet well-organised dating plan is going to help you a lot more that a grand pandemonium. Especially if you are on the first day, it is much more important to know each other better. So do not let the ambience transcend the context of knowing each other really well. Keep it simple yet organised.


  • Show the care, not the want.

Do not do the same mistake what the owner of the goose with golden egg did. Touch her, hold her, drag her closer but positively ensure that they do not include any lustful gesture as the way in which you touch a woman is enough for her to reflect your secret heart. Instead, try to hold her firm yet gentle so that she can feel the warmth of security being in your circumscribe.

  • Keep the gadgets a thousand mile away.

The world will not get stopped without your posts in social media and even it becomes unmoved, it worth your lady love. During a date, using your mobile, laptop or any electronic gadget, be is used for an official purpose or for any social media updates, your partner can feel utterly under cherished. Just keep the gadgets aside and seize the moment!

  • Do not juxtapose.

Even the moon will  not refrain itself from fighting if the Sun remarks about her marks then how do you expect your girlfriend not to do so? Chill out guys, nothing under the sun is perfect, nor so your girlfriend. So, do not juxtapose her with someone else. Keep in mind, the compared person either have so many attributes too that your girl has!

  • Do not expect everything to be in your way.

Like with every other thing in this world, you may have a different view with your lady, be the topic the way of showing affection or choosing the colour of the curtains. Keep in mind, her opinion is just deferred from yours and it does not worth to be called wrong. Respect her way of thinking too and bring out the best solution to every concern with mutual cooperation, understanding and discussion.

  • Do not avoid, do not insist.

If you are dating such a girl who has faced heartbreak in recent past, do not either avoid the topic if she brings the topic herself, or insist her to share something regarding her past relationship. Let it upon her wish.

Let me know what differences you felt following these tips on your next date!

Which one?

Tell me guys, which one is more painful…

When you want to live but you have to die…


When you want to die but you have to live…

behind the pen About me, rather about the impressions of the society upon me with which I’m composed of…

Stage craft

The toughest role is acting as one’s own self…

Women’s Day

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the day we will be true worthy of celebrating Women’s Day,

that day we will not need be in need of celebrating Women’s Day

This is the pen behind these words: About me, rather about the impressions of the society upon me with which I’m composed of…

a little letter

You are the reason and you are the reverberation…

You are the shoulder that is stout enough to carry my all worries and perturbations…

You are the smile that urges my frowns to dissolve into my dimples…

You are the eyes that stop the lips and say, “what to worry when I’m with you?”….

You are the heart that keeps mine disquietude any harm touches it…

You are the anticipation that warns my heart before yours…

You are the waiting that strengthens me to fight the tomorrow’s battle…

You are the son who reflects the best father my future baby could ever get…

You are the partner for whom I will remain waiting for the upcoming 7 lives…


You are the reason for what my pen still writes…


Perhaps you with your presence had been too obvious to me to take a bunch of roses in hand and to thank you… It is not because I have not felt any urge to do so but because of your too much discernible presence in my life…

I thought of uploading it on any occasion but you yourself are the most auspicious occasion of my life… Thank you Debasish, thank you so much… Thank for making me love myself again… you are the best gift I could ever receive from life… I love you…


what’s the similarity between love and WordPress following????






both start with one’s self…

How To Understand the True Struggle In Life

Dream Big, Dream Often

Life is not easy and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or has never put forth much effort.  

It is my belief that the real struggle in life isn’t against getting ahead or finding success. Our struggle isn’t against the system or against other people.  Our struggle isn’t even against ourselves.  Humanity’s struggle is one against desire; we want more-more money, more recognition, more love, more friends, more promotions, more stuff.  

More, more, more.  If it exists, then we want it.  

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Desire is the root cause of all evil

The Buddha

Some would argue that this quote is better translated as “craving is the root of all suffering” which says what I believe to be the essence of the statement.  The undisciplined mind will focus on that which it does not possess and will crave those things leaving us wanting.  And it is this disconnect and…

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Meet and Greet: 8/27/16

Grab the great opoertunity…

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend!!

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Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet and Greet your tails off!

See ya on Monday!!

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