My beloved daddy,
In the last 20 Springs of my life, I have never felt any urge to spend some moments in analysing your contribution in my life. May be the reason is you stand in my life for oxygen; the presence of which we remain oblivious of while inhaling and exhaling it incessantly for our very existence. Perhaps waiting outside the OT for eight hours for you with tizzy nerves made me feel for the first time what ‘suffocation ‘ is. Whenever I have been in the darkness of conspiracy and depression, you are always there lightening my life up with the candle of your wisdom, experience and patience. Your cuddle has always been the most comfort to your fortunate daughter. I’ll not claim that you are the most precious object of my world as you yourself are my cosmos. You know what is the most desirable sight for my eyes? The very smile which will play over your face when you’ll read it over my blog. Thank you, thank you so much Baba for crowning me as your little princess of your legendary Kingdom.

– Your most indebted creation